why can’t i lose weight no matter what i do?

can't seem to lose weight no matter what i do

I cannot lose weight no matter what!

The well-known successful formula for losing weight and being in the right shape is easy: eating healthy and exercising more. However, for many of us, it is not as easy and straight forward as it seems. Losing weight can be a big deal for many people.

While for some people the body responds right away to diets and exercising, others suffer from different forms of body resistance to diets, exercises and even diet pills. But why some bodies are more resistant to weight loss and why, no matter what, we cannot lose weight as easy as some other people? 

One of the biggest and the most successful industries all around the world is the weight loss industry. Weight loose products, diets and work out programs generate more than 100 billion dollars profits in Europe and the US, every year.

can't lose weight no matter what

Along with intense and sometimes harmful diets that people agree to take in order to reach their desired weight, products such as pills and powders which are designed for the purpose of weight loss also raise an important concern.

Regardless of the final result, many of these pills and medications have severe side effects which can in principle put each individual under health risks. It is more concerning when even those people who look like slim and all fine, decide to risk their health by taking such fat burning pills and powders.

According to recent studies, one-third of adults who have taken similar fat burning products were not obese before taking the pills and powders. Along with health risks, seeking for the best solution for weight loss can take a lot of time and energy from you and put you under severe mental pressures.

can t lose weight no matter what

Why I cannot lose weight, no matter what I do?

Unsuccessful weight loos, despite all the efforts in dieting and exercising, can have several different reasons. First of all, you need to know that people are different and their bodies may respond differently to exercises or any other actions.

Therefore, you should not compare yourself with other class members in your gym or other friends who are following the same diet as you. On the second hand, you need to know that gaining weight is directly related to your different aspects of your life and general health condition.

To this end, changing diet or exercising harder while keeping an old lifestyle will make less difference in your appearance.

As mentioned before, dieting is not only about abandoning fat and sugar or trying to eat less, it’s about changing your lifestyle and making a balance between your activity and calories that you consume.

The latter means that you need to keep track of what you eat every day. Try keeping track of your meal, take pictures of them or use food diaries and soon you will see that this habit ease the path of losing weight for you. It is suggested that not only keep track of what you eat but also pay more attention to the amount of food you consume for every meal.

It really doesn’t matter if you are eating junk food or you have had healthy choices; if the portion of food you take for each meal is bigger than what your body needs, then undoubtedly you will face serious problems in the procedure of losing weight.

no matter what i do i can t lose weight

Take a step even further and pay attention to the way you eat your meals. How fast do you eat your meal and how well do you chew them? You need to take your time for each meal and chew your food until its liquid. This results in better digestion that leads to weight loss.

As important as the food that you take and amount of daily activity, you need to pay more attention to your sleeping routine. Sleep and well rest are necessary for the body as they repair it and boost its performance.

Based on studies, lack of sleep or disturbed routine of sleeping is one of the most important risk factors leading to obesity. While adults with few hours of sleeping are 55 percent under the risk of obesity, this number increases to 89 percent in children.

Therefore, if you cannot lose weight, despite all the effort you are making, maybe it is better to pay more attention to your sleeping hours and sleeping routine.

Along with all the aforementioned factors, stress and anxiety can also control your weight loss, significantly. Stress has different impacts on different people.

Once they feel stressful or anxious, some people choose convenient and last minute foods which have more calories or start stress eating. On the other hand, stress hormones can lead to gaining fat and its accumulation in different parts of the body.

can t lose weight no matter what i do

Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?

One of the most important and common reasons that can make weight loss extremely challenging are certain diseases. Your body can be resistant to insulin so that you will suffer from the accumulation of fat in the abdomen area.

This condition which is called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common malady among 21% of women in their reproductive ages. On the other hand, your metabolism can be affected by the low levels of thyroid hormone and therefore make the weight loss procedure challenging and difficult for you.

It is good also to mention that almost 10 percent of women all around the world suffer from Lipedema. This condition results in fat accumulation in legs and hips so that reducing weight and size, particularly in these areas requires more effort.

The other common mistake that most of the people make for the purpose of weight loss is accepting yo-yo dieting. This type of dieting can confuse your body and affect the rate of its metabolism. The human body is sensitive to starvation.

i can't lose weight no matter what i do

Once you change the style of your eating, meaning that you eat a lot of fat or carbohydrate and then reduce the amount of food for sometimes significantly, your body also gets along with that pace and changes the way it stores fat and energy.

These changes your metabolism and even can cause an immune response which makes losing fat even a harder procedure. To this end, you need to establish a routine for your diet which should cover all the necessary ingredients of your meals, the amount of each portion and even a specific time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why Can’t I lose more weight?

Despite your hard effort, sometimes in the procedure of losing weight, you may feel as if nothing is working properly. No matter how much you exercise or what kind of healthy, low-fat diet you are following, your body simply does not respond.

This condition is usually called weight loss plateaus. Our body is designed in such a way that it usually gets used to the type of diet we have or exercises that we frequently do, therefore after sometimes you may face a decrease in the pace of your weight loss. There are several different solutions which can help you in this phase of weight loss and provide you all the support and motivation that you need.

cannot lose weight no matter what i do

It is strongly suggested that you break down your big picture to several small, realistic and achievable goals. Set a deadline for yourself and monitor your body’s response at each deadline. In this case, you will recognize the slow progress that your body is making.

Even a few pounds can be considered as an ideal accomplishment during the weight loss plateaus. It is though important to be realistic once you are setting your goals and deadlines. By setting high goals within short time intervals, not only you put your body under pressure and risk of several health dangers, but also mentally you will get tired, frustrated and disappointed.

All of which can affect your weight loss procedure in the long term. It is important to focus and even celebrating other accomplishments you gain along with the weight loss including your mobility or state of energy. Last but not least, it is highly suggested to get help from other people who are going through the same condition as you or those who are familiar.

In this case, you can learn through their experience or by consulting your problems or concerns with them. You can find your support group online on Facebook or in the local sports clubs and even at your gym.

One of the other important factors to take into account is age. Aging can directly affect the procedure of weight loss. Women naturally gain weight as they age so that it may become a challenge for them to keep their ideal weight through time.

This can happen regardless of the kind type of diet you are following or exercising habits. During this procedure, women gain 2 to 7 Kg on average which happens mostly due to the reduction of physical activities and loss of muscle mass all of which results in a slower metabolism.

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Last but not least, due to changes that occur on the activity and level of the hormone during the menopause phase, weight gain is inevitable. This can make weight loss a big challenge for women during or after the menopause.

Does not eating make you lose weight?

Many people think that for reaching their ideal weight they need to avoid eating, but that is not true. In fact, your body needs some substances in order to boost its metabolism.

Avoiding such elements in your daily diet, especially while you are trying to lose more weight can result in more challenges and put your body under the risk of several health issues. These side effects can show themselves either immediately or in the long term.

One of the most important substances which are necessary for losing weight is vitamin D. Based on researches, most of those who are suffering from obesity also have low Vitamin D. This substance is associated with several processes of metabolism. You can recover this lack by taking vitamin D pills and spending more time under the Sun.

i can t lose weight no matter what i do

The other important substance to take into account is protein. Protein can boost your body’s metabolism. It can also reduce the number of calories you take every day. The latter is due to the fact that protein affects hormones such as Ghrelin in your body and controls your appetite so that you will face less craving for a snack and other potentially high-calorie choices.

If you want to lose weight efficiently, it is better to include protein in your breakfast. High-protein breakfasts, according to studies, result in less hunger or crave for snacks through the day.

When you are choosing your diet, no matter if you are following it because you want to lose or gain weight, you need to be aware of one golden rule: Quality of the food is as important as its quantity. To this end, it is important to choose healthy whole food which is not processed. This can not only boost the general health condition of your body but also can ease the procedure of losing weight for you.

One of the most efficient types of diets, especially for those people who are suffering from metabolic problems, such as pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2, is the low-carb diet. This type of diet is particularly efficient for those who need to lose a lot of weight.

Based on recent studies low-carb diet can improve several metabolic markers. It is also 2-3 times more efficient than normal low-fat diets which are usually recommended by dietetics.

why can't i lose weight no matter what i do

Why can’t I lose weight even when I exercise and eat right?

You are exercising regularly and you are on a diet monitored by dietetic, but you cannot lose weight? You have checked all the possible health issues, you have monitored your meals and your body has a good balance of all needed vitamins, but your body still does not respond to all the efforts you make for losing weight? Probably it’s better to also review the beverages you choose.

Sugary beverages, like your favorite cola or even healthier drinks such as fruit juices, are loaded with sugar. Even a small glass of these drinks contains as much sugar as an entire meal. The problem is that your brain does not compensate this portion of sugar and does not make you eat less and that is where the problem starts.

In order to lose weight, it is highly suggested that you also keep track of what you drink during the day and consider the amount of sugar in your drinks as your daily consumption, too.

i cannot lose weight no matter what
Sometimes it is better to double check your exercising routines. Our body can easily get used to exercises and activities that we do on a regular basis. To this end, you need to choose a variety of workout techniques so that by giving a shock to your body, you increase the metabolism rate of it.

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You can enjoy a dynamic exercising plan ranging from Pilates, weight training and yoga during the week. It is also important to consider that exercising too much can affect your body inversely and result in complications in losing weight.

Losing weight is not an easy task and it requires a lot of effort, time, patience and energy. The path starts with adjusting the number of calories you consume every day and the amount that you use in your daily life or through exercises.


It is important to feed your body on a regular basis with a diet that consists of all the needed and necessary ingredients. This is particularly important for guaranteeing your general health during the procedure of weight loss. You need to add more protein to your breakfast and you should monitor your food as well as your drinks, frequently.

It is also important to choose a proper and dynamical exercising routine. If you cannot lose weight despite all the efforts that you make, you need to consider other health issues which can affect this procedure.

These health issues can be as simple as a deficiency in vitamin D or more severe ones as Diabetes. You need to also consider your age and genetic backgrounds all of which can affect the procedure of weight loss.

It is important to note that weight loss is a long procedure which requires a huge amount of effort and patience so it is important to share all the complications, stress and experience with other people who are like you.

You can do it within support groups. You can also monitor your body regularly and set deadlines for yourself to make sure you are not stuck in a weight loss plateaus.

After all, do not forget that the main aim of losing weight is to have a healthy body which gives you confidence and makes you happy. Therefore, do not stress yourself in gaining a body shape or weight that is acceptable for most of the others, but concentrate on having a more healthy body which allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest!