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Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger ?

does losing weight make you look younger

In the case of looking for a healthy weight loss you should know whether losing weight makes you look younger? Or face change after weight loss will occur or not? What about the wrinkles after weight loss.
Does being overweight make you look older? Following we are going to answer foregoing questions.

losing weight makes you look younger

1. The Process of Weight Loss with Age

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor while growing old. Although losing weight is possible at any age, there are some factors making it harder to lose weight with age.
After beginning 30s, individuals start to lose muscle mass every decade and replace it with fat. Excess load along with aging can make you more vulnerable to illness and consequently shorten your life.
In the case of middle age and older individuals, changes in metabolism as well as poor lifestyle habits can make weight loss problematic.
Therefore the process of weight loss with age gets difficult but why? Following are some factors which make weight loss with age a bit challenging and even we can say there is a relationship between the age and weight loss.

– Aging Muscles Can Make Weight Loss Difficult

You may get easily rid of your excess weight in your teens, 20s, and 30s; this weight loss can occur with minor changes to your eating habits and activity levels.
Due to the following factors losing weight especially at middle age will requires more effort and challenge.

lose weight look younger

– The Shrink of Muscle Tissue, Can Make Weight Loss Difficult

As you are growing old your muscle tissue naturally shrinks and loses mass.
The exact reason for the shrink of muscle is not clear yet but it is believed that wear and tear on the muscles, along with hormonal changes, reduces the replenishing power of the body to synthesize new muscle cells.
Therefore instead of new muscles the fat of unburned calories is willing to replace the muscle. Therefore in this case the weight loss can be difficult as your ligaments and tendons are more rigid and you do not have strength for exercise.

– Hormonal Changes Can Make Weight Loss Difficult

In the case of women mostly they believe that there is a direct relationship between menopause and weight gain.
But to the great wonder we should mention that according to the recently conducted studies the hormonal changes of menopause don’t trigger weight gain in females.
However hormonal changes can, alter the place of where fat is being stored. As an outcome, extra weight occurs in the abdomen, rather than the thighs and hips.
Even due to hormonal changes and emotional effects over eating can occur in daily portions. In this case trying to drink water and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables will be a great help.
It should be noted that hormonal changes does not only affect aging women they also affect men regarding muscle loss therefore this muscle loss can reduce movement and slow metabolism at ages above forty.

face change after weight loss

– Physical Restrictions Can Make Weight Loss Difficult

In most of the cases, older individuals by growing old limit and reduce their daily activities. As they may assume that they have become too old for exercise.
On the other hand, automatically they stop the activities especially the ones once they enjoyed them a lot and replace them with other types of activities.
For example, instead of running you may prefer walking or jogging, hiking for swimming and weight lifting for yoga. But it should be noted that these activities does not burn the same amount of calories.
Therefore, you may need to dedicate your time for doing them regularly, or for longer periods, to attain the same consequences.

– Lifestyle Changes Can Make Weight Loss Difficult

While growing old people may conduct various types of lifestyle changes, both good and bad, according to their age. Even, retirement may also reduce the physical activity as most of the people consider it as a relaxation time and start consuming unhealthy foods without doing any exercise.
Even seeing the death of your close friend can change your approach toward the life and even depression may occur. Such feeling can cause emotional eating and less concentration on remaining active which can make weight loss difficult. So you should try to think about the positive aspects of losing weight. Can losing weight make you look younger?

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does losing weight make you look younger

2. Lose Weight Look Younger

If you are on a diet and wondering that whether losing weight makes you look younger or older while trying to lose weight? Or can losing weight make you look younger or not? Does being overweight make you look older? Following we will cover advantages of losing weight on your physical appearance.

– Advantages of Losing Weight on Physical Appearance

According to some conducted studies obesity is the main cause of death in the United States. As many patients are not successful in following their weight loss programs there should be some factors to help them regarding weight loss.
Motivation is an important factor in the case of weight loss especially if you know weight loss makes you look younger. In some diet programs dietitians asks their patients to take photo of themselves once in a week to observe the progress of losing weight.
Therefore they will get to know about their appearance and subsequently they will be motivated to lose weight and follow their diet. In most of the cases women are more willingly than men to lose weight in the hopes of improving their appearance, whereas according some conducted studies it was revealed that men are more likely to lose weight only because of its health aspects and fitness.

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3. Avoid Wrinkles as Losing Weight Makes You Look Older

One of the main risks of weight loss is the way it will affect your face. In the case of not taking care of your face and skin during weight loss, serious significance can occur, including face change after weight loss, and, even, stretch marks on your skin. These issues can cause enduring marks on your skin.
Therefore in the case of wrinkles losing weight makes you look older! So, how to avoid wrinkles after weight loss? Luckily, there are numerous things you can do to keep your skin healthy and eliminate wrinkles.

– Nourish Your Body If You Do Not Want Wrinkles After Weight Loss

At least twice daily moisturize your skin. Even, applying a normal moisturizer will help your skin to keep its moisture; otherwise moisture will evaporate from the skin.
Try to use a moisturizer which contains cocoa butter and vitamins C and E. these vitamins will provide the necessary antioxidants to the skin and will maintain the growth of collagen and elastin. Once in the morning and once more at night before going to bed apply moisturizer.

losing weight makes you look older

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– Hydrate Your Body If You Do Not Want Wrinkles After Weight Loss

Try to drink at least eight glasses of water during the day. In the case of drinking water you will be able keep your skin healthy and elastic. Whereas moisturizer is an enormous assistance, water consumption is also one of the most important aspects of keeping skin healthy and hydrated.

– Stop Smoking If You Do Not Want Wrinkles After Weight Loss

Stop smoking as it dries out your skin, even being around second-hand smoke has the same results. Therefore, smoking can cause or worsen wrinkling of the skin.

can losing weight make you look younger

– Stop Smoking If You Do Not Want Wrinkles after Weight Loss

Consuming sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables during the day can provide valuable nutrients for the health of your skin, these sources of fibers can hydrate the body and skin, since their water content is high. Therefore, eating three to five servings of fruits and vegetables each every day has its own great benefit.

– Exercise Regularly If You Do Not Want Wrinkles After Weight Loss

Building new muscle is not possible if you do not work out or exercise regularly. Based on some conducted studies doing exercise several times a week can facilitate your weight loss progress, it also will built new muscle fibers that attach to the skin and hold it tight.

does being overweight make you look older

4. How to Weight Loss with Age?

As we mentioned earlier it is every important to stay fit as you are growing old. Since as you are growing old through the increase in your body fat or waist circumference, you may be at risk for the following severe disorders:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • colon cancer
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • breast cancer
  • pain in your joints and muscles
  • reduced mobility


Many of the above mentioned conditions can be considered as a threat especially at middle age; even they are harder to manage if you cannot lose your weight.
Annual physical checkups will help you to maintain your weight therefore in the case of any problem your doctor may make suggestions that how you can get rid of your excess weight. Some of these suggestions are:

  • considering a target weight based on the type of your body
  • identifying safe physical activities based on your age
  • observing a diet or weight loss package

In some cases, you many need to consult specialists in areas such as cardiovascular health, chiropractic care, dietetics or even physical therapy.
They may also recommend you to be more active. Therefore, as early as possible you should start to lose your extra weight since unfortunately as you grow old it will be difficult to manage it.
Weight Loss Surgery for Morbid Obesity
If you are morbid obesity obese (100 pounds over your appropriate weight and your body mass index is 35 or more) and you cannot lose weight your doctor may recommend weight loss surgery.
Weight loss surgery will reduces the size of your stomach and body fat as in some surgeries they cut off the excess fat. Based on the following factors your doctor will decide about the type of surgery:

  • age and health disorders
  • willing to have child
  • weight loss history
  • current weight

Having weight loss surgery is also another option which can help you to look younger after losing your extra weight. In this regard you may receive nutritional counseling to maintain this healthy weight in long-term.
Because of some complications and diabetic problems that are available in some patients most doctors don’t recommend weight lost through surgery unless diet and exercise were unsuccessful and patient is at risk for obesity-related health problems.
As a result, through considering above mentioned points be sure that weight loss makes you look younger therefore lose weight look younger!