Does sweating help you lose weight?

One of the main consequences of exercising hard is sweating. In fact, sweating is way more complicated than how it may look like. Sweat mostly consists of water, salt, proteins, amino acids, and other substances.
It is good to mention that, the exact composition of sweat depends directly on each individual’s hormone balance, viruses and bacteria in the body as well as physiological changes.
Naturally, our body uses the sweat to cool the temperature down and to regulate it in times of anxiety, stress, sickness (fever) and even in respond to positive stress such as in the time of working out. Excessive sweating can, on the other hand, put the body under severe dangers mainly due to dehydration. But after all, sweating has several benefits and is necessary for body’s health.

does sweating help you lose weight
Sweating is healthy and necessary for body

The main reason of sweating is to reduce the temperature of body and prevent it from overheating, but it is a natural way for detoxification as well. Some people believe that detoxification of the body through sweating is dangerous, but many recent scientific pieces of evidence are in favor of healthy detoxification through sweating.
Along with detoxification, the sweating has several other benefits for the human body. Sweating can act as prebiotic for body and plays an important role in provoking healthy skin bacteria. Studies also revealed that sweating can be beneficial for curing acne.

why don't i sweat when i work out
Sweating can be beneficial for improving blood flow to the skeletal muscles and helping the body to recover after injuries. Along with several different benefits of sweating, many of us may have faced an old yet fundamental question: Is sweating helpful for losing weight? Are we losing weight through sweating? Can sweat boost the calorie burning? In this article, we are going to address these questions.

Do you lose weight when you sweat?

When it comes to sweating and losing weight, there are several old myths circulating among people. Many people believe that more sweating is correlated with the amount of weight loss: The more you sweat the more weight you lose.
It is also widely accepted that if you sweat more during exercising, that means that your body is responding more to the action and you should expect more weight loss. None of the aforementioned believes are correct and they are not proved by scientific researches.

does sweating burn fat

To address the claims above, first we need to know how sweating provokes in our body. Every day and for many different reasons we sweat. We exude a watery mixture of salts, sugar, urea, and ammonia from the pores of our body.

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The amount of sweat can differ based on circumstances and our body type. Daily activities of our body such as sitting, walking eating and even sleeping can cause us to sweat. Sweating also can be provoked due to stress, environmental temperature and even eating hot food along with several other factors in our body.
Once we impose our body to a situation that increases its temperature, signals are sent to the hypothalamus which is resided in the brain. That is where the order of producing sweat is created in order to reduce the local or overall temperature of the body. This signal is later sent to the sweat glands. Scientifically, anything that increases the overall temperature of the body can provoke sweating, including exercising.
does sweat help lose weight
But does your body lose weight through sweating? The answer is yes, but this weight loss is not permanent. As an example, studies have revealed that during the ocean swimming exercise of the American navy, each individual has lost between 10 to 15 pounds of their body weight only by sweating.
However, this weight loses only consist of the water weight of the body along with some of the other substances such as sugar, ammonia and waste products of nitrogen metabolism. Therefore, losing weight through sweating is not completely permanent, as most of the water weight of the body can easily come back through drinking and eating after the exercising session.
It is also worthy to mention that, via sweating you cannot lose a lot of weight, even temporary. Meanwhile, sweating for a long time is dangerous for the body’s general health and therefore, you cannot rely on that for the purpose of losing weight and for a long time.
Although sweating cannot cause permanent and significant weight loss all by itself, it can be beneficial in boosting the permanent fat-weight loss. Many athletes believe and actually try different methods to use sweating for accelerating the procedure of permanent weight loss.

does sweating help lose weight
You can get the help of garbage bags, sweat suits and even spending several hours in the sauna to get the help of natural sweating in the procedure of losing fat weight, permanently and fast. However, it is important to consider that these are not the factors which play the main role in losing weight but they can only be helpful, in some cases and based on your body type, for faster weight loss and in combination with exercising and a healthy diet.
But what about the amount of sweating? Are those who sweat a lot, also lose a lot of weight? On average, every day a person can lose between 1 to 1.5 pounds of water through sweating. But this amount can differ from one person to another person.
The amount of sweating depends on people’s weight, genes, age, metabolism, and several other factors, but in general, the amount of sweating depends on the capacity of heat generation and tolerance in each person. Based on studies, men tend to sweat more than women.
On the other hand, fat people also sweat more than slim people and that is due to the fact that their bodies are larger on average and more heat generates on their body surface due to activity. This becomes more interesting when you consider a fit person.
This group of people also sweats more, since due to prepared muscles and general body condition, they can handle faster and heavier workload which increases the body temperature significantly and leads to more amount of sweating.

Based on the information given here and according to scientific studies, sweating more does not necessarily mean more weight loss. Sweating more only means that your body has a lower capacity of heat and that it is trying its best to reduce the temperature in short time intervals.

does sweating make you lose weight
Is sweating good for losing weight?

To answer this question, you first need to know why you are sweating. If you are sweating because of climate temperature, a stressful occasion or a hot meal you just had then you are not necessarily burning extra calories and that has nothing to do with weight loss.
The situation can be totally different once you expose yourself to the stress of work out and exercises. In the latter case, the amount of sweating shows how much you have increased the overall temperature of your body.
This increase in body’s temperature can happen due to intense exercising and clearly, the more you are active in your gym or in your work out sessions, the more calories you are burning. As a good example, those people are used to working out and those who are in a fit shape, start sweating in lower core body temperature which allows them to boost their work out and to do the exercise for longer time intervals.
On the other hand, it is widely accepted that your body metabolism rate increases in correlation with your body temperature. An increase in the metabolism rate shows an overall increase in the number of calories that your body burns. This claim is not scientifically supported but many people rely on it.

do you lose weight when you sweat
It is important to note that your body does not lose calories because of the amount of sweating, but because of the type of activities you have chosen that lead to sweat. This is particularly important for those people who try to expose themselves to severe circumstances that cause them an increase in the amount of sweat.
Sitting in a sauna or using the sweat suit for a long time and in no combination with exercising or healthy diet is not only useful but also can cause severe health issues. Sweating can cause dehydration which is counted as one of the biggest risks of for body’s general health. This can lead to extreme cases of lightheartedness and eventually loss of consciousness.

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Overheating and heart stroke, kidney damages due to extreme loss of electrolytes and other cardiovascular-related damages are also consequences of excessive sweating. So it is better not to rely only on sweating for losing weight as sweating itself cannot cause permanent weight loss; on the contrary extensive sweating can be extremely dangerous.

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We sweat almost every day. What captures the attention of most of the people is sweating during exercising. Many people believe that more sweating means more burnt calories or in other words, more weight loss.
The question would be, is it healthy to just rely on sweating in an attempt to lose weight? To answer this question, you first need to make a decision: Do you need to lose more water-weight or the fat-weight of your body?
The first option is easy. As soon as you start sweating, your body will release a huge amount of water and eventually, you will lose, not a lot, but some weight which is mostly the water –weight of your body.
In order to compensate for the risks of dehydration and other side effects of extensive sweating you need to drink water and that can bring back your water weight easily. However, if you need to lose your fat weight then you needs to consider that sweating is not the solution, but the amount of exercise that you do is what you should consider.
In other words, you can consider the amount of sweating as a sign of metabolism activity in your body, since the longer you exercise the more you heat up your body and that means higher rate of metabolism and more calories to be burnt.
Losing weight can be a long, challenging and sometimes frustrating procedure. It is not as easy as only relying on sweat suits but it can be possible with a good diet and a precise exercising plan.