healthy lunch ideas for weight loss

healthy lunch ideas for weight loss

If you are looking for a healthy weight loss you should have a certain type of program with low calorie lunch ideas for weight loss, it’s very easy to order a pizza or hamburger but we want you to have healthy lunch foods. According to the recent studies healthy lunch foods plays a crucial rule in the process of losing weight. In this regard quick healthy lunch ideas will help you. Following there are some low calorie lunch ideas for weight loss based on their calories.

  • Healthy Lunch Recipes for Weight Loss (Up To 100 Calories)

If you are on a diet and wondering that what should I eat for lunch? Following we will cover healthy lunch recipes for weight loss which have only 100 calories.

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Healthy lunch options like carrot sticks, cubes of cheese, plain rice crackers or a piece of fruit are good choices of healthy lunch ideas for weight loss as they need a quick bite on the move. For lunchboxes and after-work snacks, try following snack ideas that have less sugar and are 100 calories.

healthy lunch ideas for weight loss

  1. Eat Soup As Much As You Love (62-82 Calories Per Bowel)

Do not neglect soup. Soup can be a nourishing and healthy lunch option. For instance chicken noodle soup has only 62 calories. It should be noted that the calorie of broth-based soups is lower than the soups that are made with cheese and cream. Therefore the calories of soups such as broccoli and cheese soup or clam chowder is a bit higher. If you are willing you can make your own low-calorie soup. If you make a low-sodium chicken broth, and add onions, carrots, celery and tomatoes as well as a source of protein, specifically diced chicken breast, therefore you will get only with 17 calories per cup. Butternut and red pepper soup can also be considered as a warming and silky soup. This type of soup is good for fat burning process as well as cold weather. Being inexpensive and having low-calorie are among its positive characteristics.

healthy lunch foods

  1. Vegetables Are Healthy Lunch Options

Vegetables are the material that can be considered as good lunch ideas as they have low in calories, and if you consume large amount of them, they will prevent weight gain. According to some conducted researches a cup of cooked eggplant has 35 only calories.

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For a healthy lunch with no more than 100 calories eat baked kale chips seasoned with low-fat Parmesan cheese. Another option is that you can roast Brussels sprouts with garlic and balsamic vinegar. You can also have pizza! Try some mushroom and chopped tomatoes, for toppings use fat-free mozzarella cheese.

what should i eat for lunch

  1. Low-Fat Sources Of Protein Are Healthy Lunch Options

Low-fat sources of protein do not include high calories. Proteins such as shrimp, turkey breast, chicken breast, and egg whites are among low-fat sources of protein. Do not neglect omega-3, a canned light tuna in water contains 73 calories. Try to include grilled chicken breast, shrimp or turkey breast as your healthy lunch options, or mix them with vegetables to make low-calorie lunch, such as turkey breast with spinach, cabbage or yellow pepper slices. Add some tuna salad to your with fat-free Greek yogurt as well as chopped water chestnuts, black pepper and Dijon mustard.

what to eat for lunch

  1. Low-Fat Sources Of Calcium Are Healthy Lunch Options

Non-fat cheese as a calcium and protein source covers 81 calories per cup. Therefore it is an appropriate choice for a low-calorie lunch.  If you want to have healthy lunch options you can use celery sticks or cucumber slices as bread and spread cheese on them. If you are willing you can also add chives and garlic to your cheese to make it flavorful. Even you have cheese with vegetables such as red and green bell peppers or cauliflower and broccoli. If you have blood pressure it’s better to select salt free and low-sodium cheese.

healthy lunch options

  1. Blueberries And Fruit Sundae (77 Calories, 8g Sugars)

This low calories and healthy pot includes yogurt mixed with mashed strawberries and some blue berries. As you know such a food is easy to carry and is portable and has a high nutrition value. You can pack your lunch in screw-top jar therefore you will be cutting down on plastic yogurt pot also.

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  1. Potato Crisps With Salad (70 Calories, 6g Sugars)

Potatoes can be considered as healthy lunch ideas for weight loss in this case you should stop spending money on processed packets of crisps and make your own potato crisps by using only fresh potato and olive oil. Now you can serve it with lettuce salad.

quick healthy lunch ideas

  1. Rainbow Fruit (59 Calories, 12g Sugars)

Yes of course you can have fruit for lunch why not if you are willing to follow a healthy life style. Therefore, you can chop fruits and enjoy your fruit salad this salad can include strawberries, mango, blueberries, melon, kiwi, apple and orange everything that can be considered as fresh fruit can be added. It should be noted that this is a best lunch for weight loss as it is vitamin-packed and every one even children will love it and you can vary the colors and fruit varieties you use.

healthy lunch ideas for weight loss

  1. Salmon & Avocado Rolls (49 Calories per Roll, 0g Sugars)

The combination of salmon and avocado is a valuable source of nutrients.  Making them in bite-sized rolls will turn them into the quick transportable lunch bites. This healthy lunch has is sugar free.

healthy lunch foods

  1. Zucchini Parmesan (52 Calories)

Through this lunch you can eliminate bread and unnecessary ingredients. This lunch is a healthy option as it has high fiber and low calorie.

healthy lunch foods

  1. Salad of Corn & Mango (78 Calories)

This fresh salad is a combination of sweet corn and mango. You can make this salad off-season as frozen corn and mango are available all the time. Do not forget seasoning such as red pepper as they increase your metabolism.

healthy lunch recipes for weight loss

  1. Hummus (80 Calories)

Hummus is very handy when you are calculating your calories but you are in a friendly gathering. In this case you can add 3 tablespoons of hummus is well less than 100 calories and enjoy your celery and cucumber mixture.

healthy lunch ideas for work to lose weight

         12 .Chickpea Mediterranean Salad (80 Calories)

Chickpeas is a hearty salad which offers a considerable amount of protein. Chickpea salad is very simple and easy to prepare, you can also have it as midday meal.

best lunch for weight loss

  1. Celery, Orange & Onion Salad (89 Calories)

While having this salad you need not to be worry about your calories as this fresh salad is a tasty and pretty enough healthy food option which you can eat it without any hesitation.

healthy lunch for weight loss


  1. Chicken Paillard (92 Calories)

Chicken Paillard as a meal which has high-quality protein, this lunch will help you feel full and satiated. Actually, the chicken is best lunch for weight loss as it will help toy to be in shape within the calorie limit.

what to eat for lunch to lose weight


Healthy Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss (200-400 Calories)

What to eat for lunch, is a common question that mostly is asked by children at home when you are on a diet you also are willing to observe your diet and not to go beyond your diet program. If you are willing to take more than 200 up to 400 calories. These simple lunches can be prepped very quickly within 15 minutes or less, therefore they are best options for busy weeks, meanwhile best lunch for weight loss. Following we will recommend you some healthy lunch recipes for weight loss which have more than 200 up to 400 calories. These healthy and wonderful lunches will help you stay in shape and satisfied.

  1. Chinese Vegetable Chow Mein (170 Calories/7g Fat Per Portion)

Chow mein as a Chinese meal is made with lots of vegetables and a light soya sauce, vinegar and oyster sauce. It contains lots of fiber you will be shocked if you know that the calorie of the egg and noodles are also included therefore you will feel nice and healthy after eating it.

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  1. Roasted Ratatouille (150 Calories/10g Fat Per Portion)

Giant portions of vegetables in a full tomato sauce, ratatouille is a lunch which can fill your tommy. This healthy lunch recipe is made with courgette, bell peppers along with the chopped tomatoes therefore imagine how fast you will lose your weight.

  1. Crunchy Mexican Salad with Spicy Cilantro Vinaigrette(404 calories)

One of the healthy lunch options is crunchy black bean salad along with spicy cilantro dressing. The protein and fiber of this lunch is originated in its black beans add but you can use cooked chicken or a different type of protein if you’d prefer.

  1. Fast Fish Burger (141 Calories/5g Fat Per Portion)

This is a very tasty method to have low-calorie white fish fillets with piles of vegetables or salad. If you want to observe the calorie not more than four rolls are allowed!

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  1. Chicken Avocado BLT Wrap (340 Calories)

Is there anyone who doesn’t love BLT? Especially this type of BLT has an advantage of avocado, and additional protein source from chicken. It is also rolled into a neat small wrap therefore it is one of the quick healthy lunch ideas, perfect for a packed lunch. If you like you can have one cup strawberries also which contains only 46 calories.

  1. Veggie & Hummus Sandwich(325 Calories)

This high fiber lunch along with hummus sandwich can be considered as one of the delicious and quick healthy lunch ideas. This food is able to keep you full because of having healthy fats that are originated from the avocado and fiber. If you are willing you can mix it with various tastes of hummus and different types of vegetables based on your taste. Also, you can have one apple also which contains only 77 calories.

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  1. Salmon Salad-Stuffed Avocado (377 calories)

Another quick healthy lunch is high quality and high protein canned salmon which is full of omega-3 fatty acids. Mix it with yogurt and pile it into a split avocado for a speedy and healthy lunch.

low calorie lunch ideas for weight loss

  1. Pizza (376 calories)

Try making pizza with pita bread. It’s very easy, pop it in the toaster oven, dress the meal with mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette.

  1. Egg Salad Wrapped in Lettuce (410 calories)

If you want to get protein egg is a good option. This egg salad wrap is one of the healthy lunch options which is both simple and delicious. Using lettuce makes it a low-carb in which there is no need for bread. You can serve egg salad with half cup carrot sticks, if you are willing to have more vegetable in your salad you can have one cup carrot but your calorie will be around 435 calories.

  1. Bento Box Lunch (380 calories)

Bento boxes are not only for kids they are one of the healthy lunch recipes for weight loss. Our healthy bento-style lunch is loaded with hygienic, nourishing foods and can be quickly packed so that you can have them in your office.

  1. Greek Salad with Chickpeas (333 calories)

This Greek salad is packed with tomatoes, cucumber and olives—plus chickpeas as protein source—you can also use whole-wheat wrap as a healthy vegetarian option in your nourishing lunch in this case it is easy to pack for work. In your Greek salad you can also add feta cheese but note that 1 Tbsp. crumbled feta cheese has 25 calories. If you want you can have one medium orange, also, which has 62 calories.

  1. Green Salad with Chicken (296 calories)

This salad is full of green delicious vegetables such as avocado, buttermilk and herbs. In order to make it satisfying and protein-filled cheese and cooked chicken can be chopped over it. This salad is very easy to prepare, especially if you have cooked chicken in your refrigerator. You can also have whole-wheat crackers with this salad each cracker has 98 calories.

  • Tuna-Spinach Salad (375 calories)

This tuna salad recipe is served with olives, feta and tahini are used for dressing. Baby spinach can be served over the tuna, in the case of wishing you can add fresh orange slices, this food is one of the healthy lunch ideas for weight loss.

  1. Roasted Veggie Mason Salad(400 calories)

This mason salad is very easy. Pour roasted veggies, tofu and greens over cashew sauce and your healthy vegan lunch is ready.

  • Cucumber Turkey Sandwich (323 calories)

If you do not want to have the carbs in your lunch you can spilt the cumber in half and put turkey-and-cheese within cucumber rolls. This lunch is a healthy alternative and of course you can easily pack it for your work or school.

  • Citrus Lime Tofu Salad(390 calories)

Citrus Lime Tofu Salad as a veggie-packed salad has sufficiently protein and fiber, therefore your body will be well nourished. To make this salad you only need broccoli, tofu, onion and pumpkin seeds. Try to prepare the ingredients in advance if you want to prepare it as soon as possible.

  • Apple & Cheddar Pita (354 calories)

In this healthy food the typical taste of apple and Cheddar is mixed with brown mustard and fresh greens. This food is one of the healthy lunch ideas for weight loss which only 15-minute is needed to make it.

  1. Creamy Avocado & White Bean Wrap (346 calories)

This wrap includes ripe avocado smashed with white beans and mixed with sharp Cheddar therefore it is incredibly rich and healthy and can be suggested as a healthy lunch recipes for weight loss. If you do not have enough time you can wrap them and take them to your office as lunch.

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