What is the best time to exercise to lose weight?

best time to exercise to lose weight fast

Do you know what is the best time to exercise to lose weight? possibly you all know that exercising regularly will help you be in shape. some may say that it’s a fact that morning exercise is more sustainable and it’s more preferable than other times in a day. Here we are going to discuss different times of the day for exercising and their pros and cons.

Also there isn’t so many evidence to support this idea, there are so many preferable times which you can use to do your exercises during the day. Normally morning people are doing sports such as cycling more than others and it seems to be their routine for the morning.

Maybe you are one of those who are trying to attend sport classes between work, a research has shown that those who are choosing the time to do sports during the work attend only 26% of sessions while others attend 70% of their sessions. This research may show that between work classes are not going to work and it’s better for you to choose your class time after work.

best time to exercise for weight loss

Exercise before breakfast

Maybe you think that exercise before breakfast is more proper but you should know that after an overnight fast your body needs a primary meal as a fuel to go on. But If you want to exercise to lose weight it’s better not to eat your breakfast because it will help you burn more fat.

But is it always good to burn more fat during your exercises?

It is said that burning more fat during your exercise may have a metabolic advantage for you, but does it have any impact on your fat loss during a period of time? It is not so. The research has shown that when you are exercising fasted, there is no difference in amount of fat loss in 4 weeks comparing with those who are exercising with full stomach.

Also there is a difference of weight loss between those who are attending morning exercises and those who are doing it in the evening. It is said that those who are exercising in the morning are eating less in the day so at last they lost 1 kg more that those who are exercising in the evening.

But this cannot be always true. Maybe those who are exercising in the evening claim that they are doing exercises which are much harder so naturally over time they will expend more energy which may result to a greater weight loss during a special period of time.

What is the relationship between sleeping and exercise?

Actually when you exercise you feel more awake that other times and it will raise the core temperature which on the contrary will decrease the feeling of sleepiness.

We told you that not eating breakfast will help you burn more fat but on the contrary if you have 4 hours of bedtime, you will see that you can do better while you are exercising in the evening. It is a fact that not sleeping enough will hurt you so try to make a balance between your bedtime and how you are going to manage it.

Is it a special time to exercise which can help you lose your weight faster?

As you know, you cannot just sacrifice everything for your workout. It has been proven that there are lots of things which you should take care of like your work, family and other commitments. This kinds of routines can differ from week to week but they are still stable.

Also there are so many advantages for morning exercise and evening exercise but there is still one rule to follow and that’s the regular time you should choose to exercise and make it a routine so you can exercise every day or another stable time in a week. If you exercise every day on a special time it will become a habit and you can get used to it.

Does it matter what time you are going to work out? Does it have any impact on losing weight?

It is right that there are so many people who are doing exercise during the day and it’s a fact that there is not a stable time for all of them, but it is argued by different experts in this matter that when you exercise in the morning specially before eating breakfast it has a large impact on your fat burning process, and when your aim is to lose weight so basically exercising in the morning is the best choice for you.

the best time to exercise is

Now here is the question that why exercising in the morning help you lose weight faster?

As you may know, the most fast-acting things that prepare energy for your body is carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are in blood in forms of glucose and stored in the livers and muscles as glycogen. Here we are telling you how exercising in the morning will help you in the process of losing weight. In the morning, when the amount of glucose and glycogen levels are depleted, your body is forced to use your fat as the source of energy and as the power source for your workouts.

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Here, if we want to sum the answer to this question we can say that, the best time to exercise is generally when you can fit it in your schedule. Maybe the best time to exercise is in the morning but you cannot force yourself to do it in the morning and maybe your time and plans doesn’t allow you to do so. So do not give up on workouts and try to exercise at least three times in a week.

If you can make it in the morning so do it, or if the afternoon is the best time for you, let it be the way it is and do not force yourself.

You want to change your time?!

If you are looking for intense workouts, it’s better to know that maybe the thing you can do is to simply change the time that you are exercising or work out. There are so many researches about this that we are going to discuss some.

If you want to run heavier and faster, you should try afternoon. Everyone can tell the time management in every case may be the most important part, as it is in workouts!

What are the benefits of work out in the morning?

As we said the best way to lose weight is diet and workout. In the middle of everything you should know that as we said if you want to lose weight morning is the best time.

People who are attending sport classes and go to gym in the morning are having better mental health than others. One of the best things about exercising in the morning is that you will have a better mood during the day or in other words you will feel better. The mood boost in the morning is exercising and you can feel this as you will be energized during the day till night.

Benefits of afternoon workout to lose weight

Maybe you are one of those who are too busy during the day, the evening workout is the best choice for you. The point is that you should be warmed up when you want to have a better performance by exercising in the afternoon and it can be naturally proceeding.

The evening workout is better for enjoying so if you want to enjoy the time that you are working out you can choose afternoon. There is no obligation to wake up in the morning and you can schedule an evening workout instead of waking up soon.

It is reported that as people are doing sports in the afternoon or late evening they are enjoying more and more and find it less effortful.

When you are exercising in the afternoon you are more warmed up and you seem to find it less of a strain.
You don’t need to set the alarm earlier for your morning exercise and this will help you sleep better.

best time to exercise to lose weight

Early morning exercise and prevent weight gain!

It is said several times that gaining weight is almost impossible as you are doing exercises in the morning before breakfast. If you want to lose few pounds, it’s better to choose morning instead of evening. When you are doing sports naturally you are help your body become healthier so there not a matter of time but healthiness.

Peter Hespel, a professor in the research center of exercise say so about exercise in the morning:
“The optimal strategy to prevent increases in body weight is obviously to combine a healthy, well-balanced diet with a physically active lifestyle,” he said. But if you are cheating on the healthy and well-balanced diet part, “we demonstrated,” he said, “that early-morning exercise in the fasted state is more potent than an identical amount of exercise in the fed state”

To sum up…
You may be confused about the time of your classes or the time you want to schedule your workouts. It’s better to know that its complete rely on you and you are the only one who should decide. Nobody can decide instead of you because you are the one who tries to do it.

If you are going to lose weight, it’s better to choose morning and it’s better to do sports fasted because it will help you lose weight faster. If you are a clerk in a company and you cannot exercise in the morning, Do not Panic!

To exercise in the afternoon has a high impact on your body shape as well as exercising in the morning. The key to success here is to fix a time for yourself to exercise regularly and not to leave it in the middle of the way. Now you know that exercising in the morning may be the best time for you if you want to lose weight but still do not forget the role of a good diet and your perseverance as well. Be sure that you can do it and start Today…!